((mun is grounded so no internet for a while))

» the johns are in disappearance cahoots

turntechGoddess [TG] began pestering ectoGnostic [EG]—

TG: john
TG: john
TG: hey listen
TG: hey 
TG: hey 
TG: are you there??
TG: promise i wont chuck any bits of choice titanium bowls at your head if you respond within the next five seconds
TG: or minutes
TG: … 
TG: or years
TG: …
TG: hey dude???

— tuturntechGoddess [TG]ceased pestering ectoGnostic [EG]—

You stare at the chum handles that have been offline for some time, uncurling your tail from under your body as you begin to zone out to the humming of Jade’s voice emanating from the adjacent room. You hadn’t seen John- Harley, or even the sprite-troll John after SBURB… what the hell happened to them? 

turntechGoddess [TG] began pestering ghostyTrollcrow [GT]—

TG: cmon john
TG: this isnt funny
TG: i know youre there
TG: why arent you answering
TG: jegus christ its been a week
TG: youre def not ignoring me cause yer getting laid
TG: is this a shitty prank…?
TG: …
TG: …
TG: ok
TG: ok
TG: so ill go straight to the topic and pop the million dollar question
TG: are we still on for fish lasagna???

turntechGoddess [TG] ceased pestering ghostyTrollcrow [GT]—



should i just throw a bunch of eggs at you?? that would be a good idea

should i piss in your drink
that would be a good idea

and then give it to dovesprite

yeah that would be an awesome idea

well excuuuuuse me princess


Howdy chaps! Should you have any inquiries send them post haste! 

((quietly self promotes))

heres a suggestion dont send egg puns send birdseed instead lots of it maybe even a bottle of aj just anything but eggs resist the temptation and be a good dog for ONCE to me harley or i will smack you into another species do you hear me


now see here that would be an eggggcellent idea!

but sadly dovesprite over there is not in my control! ;P

but omelette this one chance slide 

16 days 2 hours 46 minutes 43 seconds

lets just say

its complicated ok

» ==> where the heck did all these people come from



TG: tony fucking hawk r u kiddin me shit
TG: shit
TG: im p sure any tg ever could outboard ne fucking tool named tony hawk ne day
TG: ill take him rn even
TG: idk what a kickflip mctwist smith grind combo is but it def sounds like something i could do 3000000000 times better than tony fucking hawk
TG: double wonks

You are going to slow clap the fuck out of that pokemon anecdote, though.  Even if the sound does make mutwo’s tail thrash in irritation. Fuck that cat, you’re living on the edge now.

TG: the got dark fast
TG: pokemon movie the fifty billionth sequel now with double the gritty reboot
TG: trading pokemon now comes with an extra dose of existential crises n shit
TG: pokemon
TG: they thought they could trust the trainers but they were wrong
TG: rated pull ur fuckin pants back up u sick fuck
TG: this got weird fast i am def talking to some kind of strider

TG: oh hell naw dont be ratting on my bro like that
TG: hawks the man except when hes frozen in midair glitched for all eternity even in dream bubbles ya know hes p damn serious about staying there
TG: did you just give me two wonks??
TG: thats seriously some fantastic shit right there
TG: its like getting two bottles of aj in a vending machine and you dont even pay for the first one this is christmas come early
TG: im wearing an ironic sweater and celebrating hard 

TG: hey its a cold dark world out there
TG: what the hell were you expecting
TG: you have a community that kicks their children outta the house at ten years old to adventure there and isnt even bottled water in their bookbags thats just tragic
TG: little kids can cockfight with mutated creatures that have enough combined power to eliminate the human civilization entirely
TG: what part of it was ever a shining beacon of lighthearted tomfoolery
TG: so yeah things get weird p often around here 
TG: lucky you being already acquainted with the strider charm 
TG: names dove
TG: dont wear it out 

» such amaze wow



DC: Someone’s opinion on AJ is basically the best way to tell something about a person. 
DC: Not sure you could call it often, but yeah I’m on here quite a bit. 
DC: You?
DC: Not completely sure on age, around 19 probably/ sort of crow? I’ll yiff once for you / Middle of fucking nowhere

DC: Yeah those answers sort of sucked, couldn’t give a straight one for any of them. 
DC: I’ll start pulling together some sweet birdseed raves now, you’ll be on top of the guest list when it happens. 
DC: Wow that sounds like shit Though if they’re so stupid could you brainwash them? 
DC: Make them start building shrines or some shit? OR just get one of them to do it, and monkey see monkey do could happen?
DC: You know between the AJ and all the money sounds like you should be set. 
DC: But addiction’s a powerful thing. 

TG: youre right man damn straight is addiction a powerful thing
TG: the funds for life are set alright but im still freestyling
TG: swag levels maxed on the echeladder of cool got too much bling
TG: living the life triple decked out in the ironic goods from wing to wing
TG: thought about  that but  brainwashed nakodiles just aint my deal
TG: sure theyre retarded as fuck but they be keeping it real
TG: eat my doritos these little shits do this companys not ideal
TG: but ya gotta appreciate not being alone now and then you feel
TG: me cause its otherwise p damn empty round these parts of town
TG: lava and gears making noise for miles but there isnt a single soul or dream bubble around
TG: so you better believe ill shit bricks the sooner the promised sweet raves will be found
TG: the plans to crash in fashionably late and get lost in the rhythm of sick beats and ill sounds
TG: alfred evacuate the dancefloor cause theres a new chick
TG: busting some sweet gravity defying moves and not giving a yiff
TG: lights camera action center of attention be the star dont you wish 
TG: it was you dunking down bottles of aj and taken by every single bitch


"Go away, Jude."

Okay, no, wait, what? No,no,noooooo. That went downhill real fast. And now she’s pulling away from your arm, alright. Thats fine. /Just. Perfect./

"…Okay bye." you sing, letting one of your ears drop. Whats going on with Dove, though? You glance over at her, Eyebrows furrowed with suspicion and oh my gosh, she still has a stupid smirk on her face. Is this a joke?

Emotions are hard, man. Girls are confusing. Crushes are confusing. What even is this.

She’s still relatively close to you, though. You guess that’s good? You pull your arm back onto the couch rather than on Doves shoulder. Shooting another glance over at her, You notice that her smirk is a little strained, as if it were forced.

See, being merged with a dog lets you have sharper senses and you just love that. Also lets you have sharper hair.

Off topic, off topic!! But what could be getting Dove knocked off the train?

He’s looking at you with a stranger stare and if you were anyone less cool than your current, totally rad self, you would have audibly voiced your concern over his scrutinizing you like you’re some fine ass piece of raw meat in Hell’s kitchen. Keep it cool, Dove. He’s getting suspicious. Keep it cool.

Because fuck actually being honest with yourself and dropping a shit of information that Jude doesn’t need to know anything about. Between the numerous amounts of piping fresh dung that’s been dumped on your face from the SBURB session and your inability to do anything right with Dove, Dani, and AR, all you really need is… you don’t even know.  

You impulsively scooch over towards him on the sofa that’s suddenly too small for two people and turn face the television, leaning your head against his- ouch jegus christ that hair is pointy- as the next portion of the song follows after the instrumentals.  

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"  

» And You Get Some Publicity Right?

—turntechGoddess [TG] began pestering ghostyTrollcrow [GT]—

TG: yo john 
TG: john
TG: john
TG: …
TG: …
TG: ok the national get jontan laid fund isnt doing so great
TG: but worry not we got doubled results in subscriber count since last week
TG: peeps wanna see your feathery ass in action
TG: john
TG: john are you there

TG: …??